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New Years

I brought in the new year with my niece in church. I preferred to bring in the new year in the lords house, because if it was not for him I wouldn’t be seeing another year. This year has been rough for me and my family but we kept faith and we believed that God was going to get us thru this rough time and that he did. He became my father’s doctor when his own doctors was saying the worst. God stepped in and made a way for him he told my father it’s not your time yet my son hold on and be strong and let me do the work. Sure enough he worked on him and worked on him and still to this day he’s still working on him. You see his work is never done. I believe in my Jesus like he believes in me. So take a second and Thank him for everything he has done for you, your family and friends.

Settling shouldn’t never be an option. I don’t believe anyone should settle for anything lesser than what they prefer. You can’t go into something thinking that one day that person going to change. Change only comes to people that’s willing to change. Only they can change their ways not you. You see this was something I learned the hard way. I went into a relationship thinking that this man was going to treat me differently from how he treated his ex. But you see he didn’t it was the same. At the beginning it was great until about three months in that’s when all the foolery started. I was shocked at the fact that in fact he wasn’t nothing like how he was with his ex, but in fact he was worst and I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. I blamed myself instead of him because I knew what he was before I even got with him but I was so blinded with the thought of me changing him into that man I wanted him to be. But didn’t see that the man that I wanted him to be wasn’t no where in him. You see guys the moral to the story is that no matter how much you think you can change someone you can’t.

Miami Weather

Okay last night got to real in Miami. It went down to 46° I was freezing. Everybody was over dressed with the big bubble jackets and gloves and something to cover their faces. Us Miami people do not know how to handle the cold like that. We use to it being overly hot 24/7…… I woke up this morning cold to the bone. I was so cold I didn’t want to get up and go to the bathroom Ugh… So now I’m sitting in front of the oven so I can warm up a little…………. Oh Mr. Sun please come out today.

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